Schlitterbahn discount tickets

Visiting the Schlitterbahn water parks just became much easier than before thanks to the Schlitterbahn discount tickets. The discount tickets come in handy in ensuring that you and your family get to enjoy all the fun as provided for at any Schlitterbahn water park without having to spend your life savings. This name in German translates as a slippery road is a water park that attracts millions annually as a result of all the water activities it has to offer. With its 4 locations, this company has always proven to be the ultimate family destination for millions of people worldwide. It has been regarded as one of the main attractions in the USA especially during summer.

Schlitterbahn discount ticketsThere are various discount options open to you. This means that you are open to choosing a discount option that you are comfortable with. Whichever option you settle on, you can be sure to make a lot of savings on the same. The available discount ticket options include:

1. Advance Sale: This is a discount option open to people who purchase tickets online prior to their visit. By purchasing a ticket from the company’s website, you will be able to save up to 5 dollars. This is far much cheaper than paying for the same ticket at the gate. There are also some souvenirs that normally come with purchasing such tickets in advance online.

2. Season Passes: This is an option open for people who intend to visit any of the their water parks more than once within the season. Season passes are known to be cost effective as you may end up spending as little as a dollar for each ticket depending on how often you plan to visit.

3. Group Deals: This is an ideal offer for people visiting any of the water parks in groups of at least 15 people. The discount tickets for this category are available even without making any reservations. However, making advanced bookings for the same may lead to even cheaper admission. This is an option that works best for groups from churches and schools as well as people holding large family get-togethers.

4. Birthday Programs: This is an option meant for people who intend to celebrate a birthday at any of the Schlitterbahn water parks. Sch tickets are normally heavily discounted and apart from covering the person celebrating his or her birthday, friends and relatives of the individual are also covered by such discounts.

5. Coupon Sites: These are also a great source of Schlitterbahn discount tickets. Such sites normally provide for coupon codes or even coupons that are printable for tickets that are discounted. Examples of such sites are and

Additionally you may choose to look for discounted tickets as well as coupons in the numerous tourist brochures as well as guides as these play a great role in terms of being a source for such discount tickets. The options as listed above are bound to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the Schlitterbahn discount tickets. It is however advisable that you ensure that you go for such discounts well in advance as they are on very high demand.